AI is transforming society. We can still decide how.

Not since the Age of Reason have we re-envisioned our approach to economics, order, security, and even knowledge itself. Now, the Age of AI is changing nearly everything about how we navigate the world — and what it means to be human.

In the age of AI,
what does it mean to be human?

Already, an AI has expanded the boundaries of chess by finding moves that human grand masters had never conceived. Another AI discovered a new antibiotic by analyzing molecular properties that human scientists didn’t understand. Now, AI-powered jets are beating expert pilots in simulated dogfights.

In The Age of AI: And Our Human Future, three leading thinkers across government, business, and academia come together to consider what AI will mean for us all.
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There has never been a foundational technology as powerful as AI. It’s up to all of us to learn about AI in order to shape our future.

Praise for The Age of AI: And Our Human Future

Fareed Zakaria

Host of Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN

Don’t miss out on The Age of AI — the book we all need to understand how AI will affect our economy, society, and even what it means to be human....”

Martha Minow

300th Anniversary University Professor, Harvard University

Every aspect of our lives is touched now by AI, and yet where are accurate, wise assessments of current and future effects on politics, markets, knowledge, work, and daily life? Here,...”

James Manyika

Chairman and Director, McKinsey Global Institute

This book is eye-opening, even for those who are already familiar with the technology. It puts AI and its development in the context of history, networks, nations and world order, philosophy...”

While the advancement of AI may be inevitable, its ultimate destination is not.

The Age of AI: And Our Human Future is an essential roadmap to our present and our future.

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The Age of AI: And Our Human Future is a critical addition to the collection of any thinker, builder, or decision-maker.